Barbara Carlisle


 Honorably retired deputy sheriff with 15 years experience
 Valid BSIS guard and gun card, passport, and CDL
 Valid LA County Sheriff’s Department CCW permit
 Physically fit , professional appearance
 Excellent decision making ability
 Good common sense, team player
 Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

2014-2015 Trifecta Entertainment-Personality-The Judge Faith Show
2011 to 2014 Securitas Security Supervisor-The Tonight Show with Jay
2009 to 2010 Executive Protection- The Tonight Show with Conan
O’Brien: Non-uniformed, armed personal protection for cast, crew,
celebrity guests
1999 to Present: Real Estate Professional- Providence Place Real
Sales, marketing, contract preparation and enforcement
1996-1998: Deputy Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,
Court Services: Courtroom security, prisoner transportation, judicial
protection, custodial searches, lock up security
1994-1995: Deputy Marshal, Los Angeles County Marshal’s
Department, Court Services Field Division: Warrant service, eviction
enforcement, levy’s, civil process service
1984-1993 Deputy Marshal, Los Angeles County Marshal’s Department,
Court Services: Bailiff

Basic Academy Class 64, Rio Hondo College, 1983
Associate of Arts Degree, Shasta Community College, 1982
Parent Representative, Servite High School Varsity Wrestling 2007-8
Member, Family Foundation, Board of Directors, Santa Fe Springs, CA
USC Parent Association, 2009-13