Bobby Chacon

Special Agent Bobby Chacon is a retired FBI Agent and attorney who currently advises television shows and movies on FBI related issues as well as provides commentary to national news outlets regarding law enforcement, counterterrorism and other matters, mainly involving the FBI. Bobby Chacon also appears as an on camera expert on several true crime televisions series such as “It Takes a Killer”, “Deep Undercover”, “Murderous Affairs”, “I Married a Murderer” and others.

Special Agent Robert “Bobby” Chacon entered on duty with the FBI in September, 1987, after graduating from Hofstra University Law School. SA Chacon was initially assigned to an FBI Organized Crime Task Force with the NYPD aimed at the Lucchese Organized Crime Family.

In 1995 SA Chacon became a part-time diver of the FBI New York Field Office’s Dive Team. At that time the NYO Dive Team was the only officially sanctioned dive team in the FBI. SA Chacon was deployed to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics as an FBI diver and to the 1996 crash of TWA flight 800 in which 230 passengers and crew perished. It was the largest search and recovery effort in the history of US law enforcement and the dive operations lasted for more then four months. In 2000 SA Chacon became the full time team leader of the dive team making him the first full time diver in FBI history.
Over the last 14 years SA Chacon has been interviewed numerous times on the topic of underwater crime scenes and underwater search and recovery. SA Chacon’s teams have been involved in almost every major, high profile underwater search for the past 15 years and includes everything from major airplane crashes to body recoveries to underwater evidence collection. SA Chacon is a recognized expert in the field of underwater crime scenes and underwater search and recovery.In August 2015 Bobby Chacon was hired as the Technical Advisor for the new television series, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. In this capacity Bobby Chacon consults with and advises writers, directors and actors on the proper role and functioning of FBI Agents in a variety of roles and tasks.

In 2016 Bobby Chacon appeared in Criminal Minds Beyond Borders in an on camera role making him eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. In January, 2017 Bobby Chacon became a member of SAG/AFTRA. Bobby Chacon’s thirty plus years in the federal government and law enforcement make his experience current and relevant to the numerous topics he gets called upon to provide commentary on national and international media outlets.

Bobby Chacon is now often called upon to provide expert commentary to national and international news programs on a wide variety of topics including crime and investigations, terrorism, security, political issues and all things FBI related.