Carson Ulrich

Currently a writer, consultant and technical advisor for television and feature films. He has tech advised on the CBS television series "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" and worked as a consultant on the NBC television series "Blindspot". He is a part of the cast of the National Geographic series "Missing Dial" as well.

Ulrich retired as the Deputy Section Chief for the DEA Foreign Deployed Advisory and Support Teams (FAST), with 25 years of service as a special agent. Starting his career in Houston, Texas, he attended selection and training for Operation Snowcap, serving tours in Guatemala and Bolivia. Certified as a DEA firearms, tactical, and driving instructor, he taught for four years at the DEA Office of Training with the Tactical Unit and Emergency Vehicle Operation Center (TEVOC).

Four years as a supervisor in Bogota, Colombia, he attended FAST selection in 2006. Three tours in Afghanistan as a FAST Team Leader, he was promoted to his current position, in 2010. Additionally, he serves as the LNO for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD-CN) to facilitate coordination of DEA and DOD interagency cooperation and joint efforts.