Lee Walters

Retired FBI supervisory special agent Lee Walters is one of the most successful federal law enforcement agents of his time. Lee was the lead investigator in a two-year undercover operation, Operation Broken Star, which led to the conviction of 7 rogue Chicago police officers and for which he was awarded the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Law Enforcement Award. He was also one of the first agents assigned to the Whitewater investigation of Bill & Hillary Clinton.

With 24 years in federal law enforcement, including several years in the super secret TacOps-Electronic Access Group, which renowned author Ron Kessler described as,"They are, essentially, court-sanctioned burglars, as they describe themselves. They break into homes, offices, even embassies, to plant bugging devices and snoop into computers. Could be terrorists, could be Mafia figures, and all secret, of course. They will check out the premises for weeks. They'll find out if there are any dogs. If there are, they'll have a veterinarian prescribe the right amount of tranquilizer based on a photograph; they'll shoot the dog with a dart gun with a tranquilizer and put him out. And then at the end, they'll wake him up. They will actually create false fronts to homes or offices, and then, behind those false fronts, in the middle of the night, they will pick the locks”.

Lee is one of a handful of agents in the FBI who were trained on how to defeat any alarm system or electronic access technology manufactured to date. He traveled throughout the United States as part of this covert unit and has stories to share that are both interesting and insightful. Prior to his assignment with TacOps, Lee was a certified Technically Trained Agent (TTA) and served in the Chicago and Little Rock offices of the FBI wiretapping phones, planting tracking and listening devices, installing hidden cameras, and other technologies in support of major investigations. As a result of one such operation, a 15-year old murder mystery involving a young teenage female was solved and how that happened is a story unto itself.

Lee spent 23 years as a Firearms Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor and 14 years in the Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) program as an Observer/Sniper. He was deployed as a SWAT member to the Branch Davidian siege in Waco, Texas, during the Los Angeles riots after the Rodney King verdict, and participated in high-risk operations too numerous to mention.

Lee was also a member of the FBI’s Art Crime Team (ACT), a team of twelve special agents trained to conduct art crime investigations, and has spoken at length about the team and their efforts to combat art crime in all of its many forms. He also spent several years as the team leader of a surveillance squad and was involved in numerous arrests, car chases and operations involving all types of criminal activity the FBI investigates. He now works as an Investigator with the Florida-based law firm of Morgan & Morgan, and other preeminent law firms throughout the United States, developing Qui tam cases where whistleblowers bring forth information regarding fraud against the federal government. He is a licensed California private investigator.