Steve Bongardt

Steve Bongardt is a subject-matter expert in computer forensics, insider risk and threat assessment, behavioral profiling, online behavior and national security investigations.

Bongardt, a retired FBI agent and Criminal Profiler, is the managing member of The Gyges Group, a Cybersecurity, Security, and Behavioral Profiling Consultation firm. Whether it’s external attackers, trusted insiders, or the terrorist threat, his unique blend of technical and behavioral knowledge helps companies utilize their personnel, cybersecurity stack, and physical security apparatus focus on their adversaries’ behavior.

Bongardt served in a variety of roles in his 20 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a computer forensic examiner at the FBI, he led the digital forensics effort in the Navy Yard shooting investigation in 2013, and several other national security investigations. At the FBI’s profiling units, Bongardt created and developed the ability to profile computer intrusions and attackers by applying proactive and reactive measures to provide behavioral, investigative and forensic perspectives on cyber breaches involving external actors and trusted insiders.  Additionally, this expertise included assessing communications from threatening attackers and developing and implementing a communication strategy that led to their identification, arrest and prosecution.

While at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, Bongardt developed and conducted a behaviorally based research program to interview cyber criminals that had written, modified or used malicious code. Later, at the Behavioral Science Unit, he developed graduate and undergraduate courses on the subject of behavior in cyberspace that he taught to high-level law enforcement and security leadership from around the world at the FBI’s National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

As a member of the Washington Field Office’s Counterintelligence Program, Bongardt spearheaded the application of a program that allowed field agents to conduct digital forensic extractions in real time while conducting sensitive investigations concerning espionage, media leaks and insiders within the government and private sector. As a member of the New York Office’s Joint Terrorism Task
Force, Bongardt participated in every major Al-Qaeda investigation while based in New York and testified to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as part of the post 9/11 Commission Hearings in 2002. Prior to his career with the FBI, he worked in institutional capital markets at Smith Barney in New York. Before that, he was a naval aviator deployed on the aircraft carriers USS Enterprise and USS Lincoln.

Bongardt is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP). He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master of Arts degree in forensic psychology from Marymount University.