William Eppright

Bill Eppright Bio

Bill Eppright is currently an adjunct professor who developed and instructs advanced college level courses in crime scene investigations, terrorism and forensic pathology.  Bill is additionally authoring a book reflecting on his over thirty-five years of federal law enforcement service.

Bill Eppright was a Special Agent, as his last official duty he was assigned as the first full time Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator for the Tampa Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Bill met all of the stringent requirements to be certified as a Master FBI WMD Coordinator.  Before transferring to Florida, Bill spent 19 years in the Dallas, Texas Division.

A 1978 graduate of Glassboro State College (Rowan University) located in Glassboro, New Jersey.  In 1986 Bill received a Masters in Forensic Science as a graduate of the George Washington University.  In October 1978 Bill began his career in the FBI as a Fingerprint Examiner and subsequently held positions as a Budget Analyst, Cryptanalyst/ Mathematician in the FBI Laboratory and finally as a computer Analyst, becoming a Special Agent in 1986.

Bill has extensive experience in general criminal, violent crime, complex white collar crime, public corruption/ government fraud and counterintelligence investigations primarily utilizing undercover techniques, wiretaps, informants and other sophisticated investigative techniques. 

Special Agent Eppright created & developed the FBI’s Evidence Response Team Program (ERT) which was eventually mandated to be implemented field wide by the FBI Director.  Special Agent Eppright has participated in numerous crime scene investigations including: the Casey Anthony case, the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco, Texas;  Oklahoma City Bombing where he was the first federal witness; the American Embassy Bombings in Africa; Khobar Towers; the Wedgewood Baptist Church mass shootings; the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster; the Shoe Bomber; the Terrorist attacks on 9/11 both at ground zero & in the field; and federal kidnapping/ murder cases including Amber Hagerman (Ambers Alert). Bill testified in the first nationwide federal capital murder trial for victim Lisa Rene.  Two individuals remain on federal death row as a result of the crime scene investigation and testimony.  Bill has testified in Federal & State Court on numerous other occasions as a result of his investigations and involvement.



Special Agent Eppright’s collateral experiences during his FBI career includes serving as the Division’s Bombing Investigations Coordinator; was a Special Agent Bomb Technician, earning the qualifications to be certified as a Master Bomb Tech. Bill was an original Evidence Response Team member; an original HAZMAT Team Member, certified to the Specialist level; separately certified in chemical, biological, nuclear & radiological response, with advance certification in radiological work.  Special Agent Eppright is a certified Fingerprint Instructor who frequently solely instructed the FBIs forty hour fingerprint classification and identification course.

Bill was assigned to the Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport Resident Agency when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the Richard Reed shoe bomber cases occurred, Bill was a lead case agent for both of these terrorists’ attacks.

Bill is a certified General Police Instructor participating in numerous national & international training seminars; has participated in numerous worldwide Special Events and has conducted investigations in counterintelligence and in matters involving every FBI criminal program.  Special Agent Eppright served as a National Academy Counselor for the 182nd Session of the FBI’s National Academy Program. 

Bill has conducted training for “active shooter” response for Law Enforcement and has conducted numerous training for joint and integrated response of Bomb Technicians, Hazmat Teams, medical/emergency teams and SWAT teams when responding to terrorists’ events.  For many years long before today’s focus on the law enforcement response to terrorism Bill was preparing first responders nationwide and worldwide on the latest techniques and tactics of terrorists and terror groups.  Bill was considered an expert in providing instruction and training on improvised explosives and devices.  Special Agent Eppright provided counter proliferation training and assessments worldwide on behalf of the federal governments fight against international terrorism.

Special Agent Eppright has extensive investigative experience in organized crime, gambling and even carnival games or games of chance.  For the most part Bill was involved in some aspect of the most important federal investigations worldwide during his career.  These include both of the largest domestic and international terrorists’ events which have occurred to date.  Bill was the case agent for the longest running federal wiretap and undercover investigation involving corruption and government fraud, and was a case agent for the most important espionage investigation which has occurred in the history of counterintelligence.