Manhunt: Unabomber listed in Vice Article "Watch These Shows Instead of Going Outside and Freez

Watch These Shows Instead of Going Outside and Freezing Your Ass Off

“What am I searching for? Manhunt: Unabomber

What’s that? Anyone who enjoyed David Fincher’s serial-killer series, Mindhunter, I highly recommend the markedly similar and admittedly worse Manhunt: Unabomber. Like Mindhunter, it’s on Netflix, having presumably been acquired by the platform in a desperate attempt to plug the gap while Fincher works on season two. Unlike Mindhunter, it has absolutely no qualms about the inherent ghoulishness of its offering and cuts down on scenes of anguished moral wrangling. Also, Paul Bettany looks great with a beard!

Where can I watch it? Netflix

-Charlie Lyne”

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