CrimeCon 2019

Dear True Crime Fans and Friends of XG:

A number of you have reached out to us recently regarding CrimeCon 2019, and we wanted to respond.

First, the entire XG team has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the groundbreaking, CrimeCon 2017, and the follow-up in 2018, especially having the opportunity to meet many of you in person. For us, that direct interaction with True Crime fans is always the highlight of the event. But, while we had every expectation of participating in this year’s event a year ago, our company is in the middle of several new, very exciting productions (including a reboot of one of America’s most popular true crime series, which we will be announcing shortly), and production schedules simply would have prevented key team members from being involved, and inhibited our ability to deliver for CrimeCon attendees the same level of quality presentations, panels and live experiences we have delivered in the past. That said, we sincerely hope all of you attending CrimeCon 2019 have a great experience, and we hope to see you all again very soon.

Please keep an eye out on our website and social media for updates.

Thank you,

Jim C, Tim C, Bobby C, Maureen O, Francey H, Jim F, et al.

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