Tim Clemente


Counter-terrorism/tactical operations expert who has worked and trained with the most renowned military and law enforcement organizations in the world.

FBI Special Agent: conducted terrorism and counter-narcotics investigations in North and South America, Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa.

An eminently qualified writer, instructor, consultant, and technical adviser.

Police Officer, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Graduated top in his class from the St. Louis Police Academy, receiving awards for Top Firearms, Top Academic, and Best Overall Officer, and several field commendations for bravery and exceptional performance of duty in one of the most violent cities in the US.

An embedded, uniformed Counter Improvised Explosive Device Adviser/Investigator with the US Army in Iraq, 2007-2008.

Earned a BA in International Politics from Fordham University, competing in NCAA Football, Lacrosse, Track and Field, and Rugby.

Author: Courage – A Pictorial Essay on Lifein Iraq Today (Feb 2008).

Inventor of the Height Adjustable Rescue Assault System (HARAS), the world’s first articulating vehicle-based tactical entry system. In use by lending counter-terrorism agencies around the world since 1998.

Holder of a Top Secret security clearance, Tim has been a security and counter-terrorism consultant for professional sports franchises, Las Vegas casinos, and foreign heads of state.


Producer: Will Gardner, Independent Feature Film ( indevelopment) 2010

Technical Consulting Producer, Freelance Writer: Lie To Me (20th Century Fox, Fox TV) 2009-2010

Freelance Writer: NCIS Los Angeles (CBS Paramount, CBS TV) 2009-2010 and 2010-2011

Writer, Creator: Untitled Cullen Brothers Pilot (USA Network) 2010

Creator, Writer, Producer: Washington Field Pilot, (CBS) 2009

Co-Writer: The Unit – “Hill-60” (20th Century, CBS TV), Aired: March 2009, Highest rated episode of the season.


Consultant to Robert DeNiro: The Killer Elite, 2010

Consultant, Technical Adviser: NCIS Los Angeles, 2009-2010

Technical Adviser: Lie To Me, 2009-2010

Technical Adviser: Smokin’ Aces 2, (Universal Studios) 2009

Technical Adviser: The Bannon Way, (Sony) 2009-2010

Tactical/Technical Adviser: Criminal Minds, 2006-2009

Firearms Instructor, Technical Adviser: Washington Field (CBS) 2009

Consultant and Technical Adviser: The Unit, 2008-2009


SWAT Team leader: Criminal Minds (CBS) “Minimal Loss” Sept 2008

Assassin: The Unit (CBS) “Sacrifice”, Sept 2008

Utility Stunts/Stunt Driver: Criminal Minds 2008-2009





Cross-trained as both a sniper and an assaulter. Tactical leader and principal instructor of the FBI’s 37-man Washington Field Office SWAT Team, training FBI counterparts, local and federal law enforcement, and top tier military Special Forces and Special Operations units. An expert instructor and marksman in every weapons system the FBI utilizes, and an expert marksman with the Army’s M-4, M-16, and M-9 weapons systems. Extensive high-speed, and evasive driver training and experience, including the FBI’s Tactical and Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, and Overseas Hostile Environs Training, Rappel Instructor.


Screen Actors Guild

Writers Guild of America

Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI

Fraternal Order of Police