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Bobby Chacon

Background: Bobby is a retired FBI Special Agent, serving at the FBI operator/street agent level for his entire 27 year career. His first assignment was in the New York City Field Office where he worked the Italian mafia, Jamaican drug Posses, Asian gangs and others. In this capacity Bobby was partnered with an experienced NYPD Detective and worked large scale RICO cases in which every investigative technique in the FBI’s arsenal were deployed. Bobby effectively developed informants, operated undercover agents (sometimes going undercover himself), sought and received court authorized wiretaps and became an expert in surveillance. Through his RICO cases Bobby investigated many cold case homicides as well as current homicides carried out by the mob and these gangs. Bobby became an international expert in Jamaican Posses, traveling to Jamaica, the UK and Canada to consult with anti-gang efforts in those countries. Bobby testified as a gang expert in court and before Canadian Parliament. Bobby was also on the trial team for several large and complex multi-defendant RICO trials. Bobby was assigned to NYC on 9/11/01 and personally witnessed the attacks on the World Trade Center (Bobby’s brother was an NYPD Sgt who also was a first responder to the WTC). Bobby received training in counter-terrorism and was selected for long term temporary duty assignments to bother Salt Lake City in 2002 and Athens, Greece in 2004 for the FBI Counterterrorism mission at the Olympic Games.


In 2003 Bobby was transferred to the Los Angeles Field Office and in 2005 Bobby was selected as the Training Team Leader and led a team of top FBI Instructors to Iraq to train the Iraqi police and military in counter-terrorism investigations.  


Bobby also established and built the FBI’s Forensic Dive Team Program after becoming the first full time special agent-diver in the history of the FBI.  While building the Forensic Dive Program Bobby established FBI Dive Teams in Miami, Los Angeles and DC field offices. Bobby spent years building relationships with the US Navy Salvage Diving Command, NOAA Dive Program, EPA Dive Teams, and many scientific and commercial diving experts. The FBI Dive Program, under Bobby’s stewardship, garnered early and well earned credibility in operating in the harshest environments around the world. In the summer of 2006 Bobby was selected to a team of senior FBI divers for a special dive mission in southern Iraq at the request of the Secretary of Defense. Bobby went on to assume leadership of the FBI’s Los Angeles Dive Team, known within the FBI as the Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team (USERT). 


In Hollywood, Bobby has built a successful career as a Technical Advisor, Story Consultant and background actor (Bobby is a SAG/AFTRA member). He has worked as a Technical Advisor on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders where he worked with Gary Sinise and other cast members regarding their portrayal of FBI Agents. Bobby assisted in the writing of a pilot script with Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives creator) on a new show which was shot for ABC but not picked up. Bobby is currently writing his memoir of his career in the FBI as well as a feature film based on actual events and a television series.


Bobby is a frequent guest expert on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC and many other US and foreign broadcasters. Bobby also appears regularly on true crime shows such as Crime and Justice with Ashleigh Banfield and is often heard on KABC and other radio outlets commenting on breaking crime stories. Bobby also has been an on camera expert on numerous true crime shows such as Deep UndercoverIt Takes a KillerMurderous AffairsI Married a Murderer and others. Bobby has also appeared in Hunting Hitler on History, Breaking Homicide on Discovery ID and Deadly Intelligence on the Science Channel.


Specialized Skills: Bobby is considered an expert forensic diver and underwater search and recovery expert having led the FBI’s Forensic Dive Team in two of the four FBI field offices where FBI Dive Teams exist. Bobby is also very experienced in large scale complex international investigations and counter-terrorism matters.

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