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Where The Devil Belongs

Created, Written, and Produced by XG Productions for Audible Originals. Available NOW only on Audible


WHERE THE DEVIL BELONGS: The Untold Story of the FBI's Hunt for the Unabomber


For nearly two decades a mysterious serial bomber terrorized America, building and delivering increasingly powerful and deadly devices to scientists, professors and seemingly random people across the country. The bomber had been taunting law enforcement and evading capture by meticulously hand-crafting each device without leaving any forensic evidence behind. The unique materials and construction of the devices made it impossible for the FBI to identify the homegrown evil genius through traditional investigative avenues. The dedicated members of the FBI’s UNABOM Task Force were forced to innovate to track down the terrorist who had become known as the UNABOMER, who had killed three and injured and disfigured 23 others. When the bomber mailed a 35,000-word, single-spaced, typewritten “manifesto” to the New York Times and Washington Post, demanding that it be published, the Task Force knew they had received their best evidence yet in the case. The Unabomber’s manifesto became a turning point in the investigation. His carefully crafted critique of modern society revealed his hubris and hatred for what he termed the “evils of technology.” He had unwittingly handed FBI investigators the keys to his mind... and his identity. 



The Audible Original Series Where the Devil Belongs is the first complete, behind-the-scenes story of the Unabomer's unfathomable crime spree and the groundbreaking forensic methods used to finally catch him. It brings together the survivors and victims’ family members with the FBI Agents who worked the case to tell this incredible story in their own words, many of them for the very first time.

                                                                                                             Available only on Audible!

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