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The Riddle of Emmon Bodfish_cvr_master.j

Created, Written, and Produced by XG Productions for Audible Originals. Available NOW only on Audible




The amazing true story of a mysterious murder.


In 1999, Emmon Bodfish was murdered in his home in the wealthy enclave of Orinda, CA, just east of San Francisco. For the young crime scene analyst, Paul Holes, it quickly became the most bizarre and surprising case of his storied career.


It was immediately clear how Emmon had died: by being hit over the head with a heavy object. What wasn’t clear was who did it and why. Each clue was like a doorway to an expanding labyrinth of leads—leads involving pagan ceremonies, stolen artwork, a mysterious disease, an elusive shoe pattern, entomology, a blue demon, a family inheritance, an enigmatic child, and passages written in a secret language throughout two decades of Emmon’s diaries.


No matter how deep Paul went into the tunnels of the mystery, the shapeshifting shadow of Emmon’s antagonist stayed just out of reach. Paul had never faced anything like it. He became obsessed with solving it. For himself, and for Emmon.  

                                                                                                                        Available NOW on Audible

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