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Created, Written, and Produced by XG Productions for Audible Originals. Available NOW only on Audible





Organ donation is so common and regulated, it’s specified on your driver’s license. But what does it mean to leave your remains “to science” and medical research? Who gets the body? What really happens to it?

In January of 2014, an FBI and Arizona Attorney General’s Office task force conducted a search and seizure raid on Biological Resource Center, a Phoenix body brokering business that recruited families to donate their loved ones’ bodies for use in scientific research.

The task force discovered the stuff of nightmares. Employees with zero medical training were conducting dissections of human bodies with DIY grade electric saws. Twelve tons of severed torsos, heads, arms, legs, feet, hands, and spines were stacked and stuffed in huge freezers and marked for sale. Without prior approval, some of the parts were being sold to the Department of Defense.

All the Gory Details takes a deep dive into the shocking world of body brokering, a wild west industry that allows a handful of entrepreneurs with questionable ethics to make millions, quite literally off the backs of others. But as the task force discovers, there are hardly any laws regulating this gruesome industry.

Told firsthand by the investigators at the forefront of the case, the grieving family members who donated their loved ones’ bodies under false pretenses, experts in medicine and bioethics, and with previously unreleased interrogations of the body brokers, All the Gory Details uncovers why and how this little-known segment of the massive death industry has been allowed to operate for so long with so few rules and even fewer consequences. 


                                                                                                             Available only on Audible!

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