James "Jamie" Bruce

Background: Jamie has more than 30 years of experience in television and film. He began his film and television career working in production on French director, Louis Malle’s Atlantic City and My Dinner with André; then as editor on the feature film, Alamo Bay, and documentary, God’s Country. Jamie first started working in Reality Television on Survivor (Emmy Nomination) and The Apprentice (2 Emmy Nominations) as director. In the past decade, he executive produced and show ran many Reality TV series such as NBC’s The Restaurant with Rocco DiSpirito, Meet Mister Mom, FOX’s Casino, ABC’s Greg Behrendt’s Wake Up Call, CBC’s All for One with Debbie Travis, Bravo’s Below Deck, CNBC’s Restaurant Startup and Make Me A Millionaire Inventor, and more Lifetime’s Project Runway: Fashion Startup. Jamie also produced the feature film Oka!, set in the equatorial forest of the Congo Basin which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival. Oka! was the first, and only, feature film produced in the Central African Republic. Additionally, he directed several documentaries (Our Food Chain, Listen to the Forest, Trump Tribe), and scripted television series (Highlander, America’s Most Wanted, and Army Wives).


Expertise: Throughout his career, Jamie has gone back and forth from scripted to non-scripted, given him the ability, not only, how to tell stories, but having worked on all facets of the business, be it camera, sound, editing, producing, directing, or writing, has given him deep knowledge of the process from all perspectives. His strength is in getting difficult projects off the ground and make sure they get done on time and on budget. There is no challenge that he will not successfully overcome; most of the time, cheerfully.

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