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Jim Clemente

Background: As Co-Founder and Chairman of The Board, Jim brings to XG decades of experience as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent/Behavioral Profiler and former Prosecutor for the New York City Law Department. During his 22-year career with the FBI, he investigated hundreds of cases, from bank robberies to serial killers. He has also investigated sex crimes, public corruption, white collar and violent crime and has worked as an undercover agent posing as everything from a homeless man and an international grain dealer to a Wall Street broker trading on the floor of the NYSE. As an active and retired Special Agent, Jim has investigated some of the highest profile criminal cases in U.S. history, including 9/11 (as a first responder to the WTC), The Unabomber, Whitewater, Vince Foster, The DC Sniper, JonBenet Ramsey, Amanda Knox, Penn State/Sandusky, and more. 

Jim began his career in Hollywood as a Technical Advisor for Criminal Minds in 2005. Now in its 15th and final season on CBS, Jim has been with the hit series since its debut. He currently serves as the Technical Adviser and Writer/Producer for the show. Jim is also a highly acclaimed creator and writer, and was recently nominated for a WGA Award for the highly acclaimed series, Manhunt: Unabomber (Discovery/Netflix), and created the series, The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey for CBS in 2017. In addition to the company’s work in scripted and non-scripted TV and film, XG also produces 3 popular podcasts on iTunes, including Real Crime Profile and Best Case Worst Case. Jim recently published his first book, Without Consent, in 2017 (Rothco Press).

Expertise: For over a decade Jim was an FBI Profiler investigating serial violent and sexual crimes. He is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Criminal Behavioral Profiling, Child Sexual Victimization, Sexual Homicide and Child Abduction. Jim is a skilled and experienced Writer, Producer, Commentator and On-Air Talent. He continues to consult on high profile criminal and civil cases, and does television commentary for multiple news and entertainment shows. Jim is a prolific and dynamic public speaker who delivers keynote speeches, lectures and instruction on a variety of topics across the country and around the world. 

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