Ken Fournier


  • US Air Force Special Operations Pararescue (PJ) team leader, deployed by rotary and fix winged aircraft into hostile, non-permissive, and austere environments.

  • Employed as a worldwide recovery asset, to provide on-scene authentication, emergency medical treatment, survival and evasion assistance, and aircraft protection while providing a means of evacuation of distressed personnel from, arctic, desert, mountainous or open sea environments. (Over 200 combat flight hours in the war in Afghanistan).

  • Supported NASA Space Shuttle missions, providing emergency astronaut recovery operations.

  • Ground Operations Instructor in Survival, Mountain and Tactical Operations at USAF Pararescue School, Kirtland AFB, NM. Primary instructor for Pararescue Weapons Phase.

  • Maintained qualifications in static-line/freefall jump-mastering, mountain rescue, combat medicine, scuba diving, and helicopter operations including; fast-rope, rope-ladder, rappelling, hoist and NVG flight operations.

  • Presidential remote location coverage and support, and close protection for cabinet level officials in the National Capital Region.

  • "Facilitator" Government Anti-Terrorist unit contracts in Columbia, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel & Afghanistan - Don't ask, can't tell ya- 

  • Adjunct Instructor, Gunsite Training Center, AZ. Instructed military, civilian, and Federal law enforcement personnel in advanced weapons training and tactical medical operations.

  • Adjunct Instructor, US Department of Energy Safeguards and Security Central Training Academy, NM, instructing Nuclear Facility First Response Security Teams, in advanced weapons training, hand to hand combat skills, and weapons retention techniques.

  • Clearance - Top Secret.


  • Studied Acting: William Esper Studios, and the Lee Strasburg Institute

  • Evasive / Tactical Driving Course

  • Associates Degree - Applied Science of Search and Rescue

  • 14 yr Air Force Pararescuemen; Master-sergeant E-7

  • National Registered Paramedic

  • Nonproliferation and National Security Institute firearms instructor

  • NNSI Department of Energy Advanced Weapons System Course

  • Gunsite Training Center - Tactical Pistol

  • Mid-South Institute Of Self-Defensive Shooting-carbine/pistol

  • Pararescue Advanced Weapons Course

  • US Department of Energy Ground Control instructor course

  • 58th OSS - Guns and Night Vision Goggles Aircrew Course

  • Community College of the Air Force Occupational Instructor

  • Ropes That Rescue - Basic/ Intermediate course

  • Navy Seals Static-line Jumpmaster Course, El Centro

  • Qualified Military and PADI Combat/Search and Rescue Diver



  • Team Captain Armed Forces Eco-Challenges - Winning Team (2001 & 2002)

  • Team Captain International Race Subaru Primal Quest Lake Tahoe (2003)

  • Team Captain International Eco-Challenges, New Zealand & Fuji (2001/2002)

  • Air Medal-High Altitude Mountain Rescue, CO (1998)

  • Honor Graduate-New Orleans Paramedic Course (1996)

  • AFSOC Pararescueman of the Year (1994 & 1992)

  • John Levitow Award & Military Citizen Award (1994)

  • Accommodation Medal- F-15 Rescue, Florida Coast (1994)

  • Honor Graduate-Pararescue Apprenticeship & Selection courses (1989/1990)

  • Silver Medal, Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament (1980)



  • Stunt Coordinator/Driver: Yamaha Watercraft commercial/print add campaign (2000-2001)

  • Background: The Unit, "Hill 60" episode (2009)

  • Interview and re-enactment: Discovery Health Channel: Impact: Stories of Survival - "Ejection Seat Accident" (2003) (Self)

  • Interviewed/featured as Team Captain on USA Network's Mark Burnett's ECO-Challenge - New Zealand and Patagonia shows (Self)

  • Featured: "That's Gotta Hurt" Improbable Rescues (2007) (Self)

  • Actor: multiple local television commercials in Florida (2000-2010)

  • Actor: Off-off Broadway play Living Cave Paintings NYC (1985)

  • Background: Streets of Gold movie (Russian Boxer) (1986)

  • Featured: Cable TV show Scuba World Costa Rica (1985)