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Maureen O'Connell

Background: Maureen comes from a family of Chicago Police officers and Fire Department personnel, dating back almost 100 years. In her direct family alone, there are over 200 years of public service. Maureen was a Special Agent with the FBI for 25 years, specializing in Forensics, Gangs, and Cartel-Level Narcotics. During her tenure, she worked Major Narcotics, Violent Street Gangs and as a Forensic Investigator/Team Leader with the FBI's Evidence Response Team (ERT). Maureen was the FBI Case Agent on a team of seasoned Los Angeles County Gang Detectives, on the largest gang take down in U.S. history. This take down was responsible for the largest RICO indictment to date. Maureen currently serves as President/CEO of MOA Defense, a female owned and operated business specializing in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM), Global Corporate TSCM and Cyber Testing/Training.


Expertise: Maureen has extensive training and expertise in the areas of Counter-surveillance, Gangs and Narcotics Investigations, Crime Scene Investigations, Violent Crimes, Digital Footprint Analysis, Digital Executive Protection, Event Monitoring, Adversary Threat Assessment

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