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Michael Dowd

Background: Mike brings to XG more than 16 years of experience with the Department of Defense (DOD), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Administration (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Department of Justice (DOJ) and US Army Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).


Expertise: Throughout his years of service with government agencies and the military, Mike has highly developed expertise in a broad range of disciplines, including regional expertise (Southeast Asia, Latin America, Near East and Middle East), man hunting, geo-location, cellular infrastructure and tracking, wireless engineering, human intelligence and elicitation, surveillance and surveillance detection. In addition to his military and private contractor experience, Michael has also launched a music career as M.C. Intellect, worked as an editorial clothing model in SOHO, NYC for Beau Brummel and ARI clothing Inc., and appeared on Allison Weiner’s show, Media Mayhem. Michael is currently one of the writing consultants for Season 2 of ABC’s hit show, Quantico.

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