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Spencer Gordon

Background: Currently serving as XG's President and Chief Counsel, Spencer is a media and entertainment attorney, business strategist and entrepreneur with expertise in digital media, entertainment, sports, technology and consumer brands. He began his career as a business and legal affairs executive in a Beverly Hills talent management company orchestrating licensing initiatives, strategic partnerships and new ventures between talent, corporations and leading brands.  Spencer has spent the majority of his career working across the C-suite as a business accelerator, trusted legal advisor and growth hacker with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has successfully advised companies for raising capital, forming joint ventures, international expansion and developing go-to-market strategies in multiple industries. Spencer oversees the business and legal affairs of XG’s growing business, navigating each deal process from inception to documentation, negotiation and closing.

Expertise: In addition to his legal expertise, Spencer has highly developed skills in the areas of Financial Modeling, Business Strategy, Corporate Development and Digital Media, and brings with him years of experience in Developing and Enhancing Media & Entertainment Business Models.

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