Tim Clemente

Background: As Co-Founder, Tim brings to XG years of experience as a former FBI Special Agent, SWAT team member and counter-terrorism expert who has worked in the U.S., Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He also ran a cover joint operation with the Department of Energy's National Emergency Support Team, which was tasked with protecting the U.S. from attack by rogue nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, and served on Washington’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Tim went undercover as a drug smuggler and took down members of the Cali Cartel working in the FBI’s Narcotics and Organized Crime investigations in the U.S. and South America. In his 2011 Esquire Magazine article entitled, The Hunter becomes the Hunted (Feb 11, 2011), Daniel Voll described Tim as one of the top terrorist hunters in the world. Recently, Tim partnered with America Abroad Media, an organization dedicated to supporting local around the globe voices that convey universal values through creative content and media programming. With AAM, Tim has participated in creative writing workshops in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


Over the past decade, Tim has parlayed his extraordinary life experiences into a career providing expert commentary on a broad spectrum of topics to multiple print, radio, and television news programs, including CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, Reuters, BBC, Current TV, The Blaze TV, and Al Jazeera America. Tim has also established himself in Hollywood as an accomplished Writer, Technical Advisor and Creative Consultant, working on several prime-time network TV dramas including NCIS: Los Angeles, The Unit, Lie To Me, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and feature films, including Now You See Me, Smokin’ Aces 2 and Killer Elite. Tim has 2 film scripts currently in production/casting: .38 and Secret Soldiers.

Expertise: Tim is a former FBI Counter-Terror Agent, Sniper, Firearms Expert, DOE NEST Liaison, Post Blast Investigator, Undercover Narcotics Agent, SWAT Team Leader, Firearms Instructor, Sports & Entertainment Security Coordinator and Expert Interrogator. Tim has deployed around the globe, to South America, Europe, the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East, and has worked many of the highest profile cases in recent Bureau history, including the U.S. Embassy attacks in East Africa in 1998, the USS Cole attack in Yemen in 2000, 9/11 (as a first responder to the Pentagon), and numerous other terror attacks in Iraq.

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