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Warren Flagg

Background: Warren is a retired FBI Agent with 27 years of Bureau experience. He specialized in SWAT training, Vehicle Investigations, Copyright Investigations, White Collar Crime and Undercover Narcotics cases. Warren’s work included an investigation into the Department of Motor vehicle (DMV), where 38 arrests of Queens’ DMV members were made in relation to counterfeit Driver Licenses and Vehicle Titles. Other major cases include Don King, the boxing promoter, Flight 800 Recovery and investigation of the reason plane crashed. Pet Cemetery conviction of fraud burning of pets in Long Island, NY. Warren has worked as a Technical Advisor on Sleeper Cell, Law and Order and After Sunset.


Expertise: Warren is considered an expert in the fields of SWAT Training, Automotive Investigations, Copyright Investigations, While Collar Crime, Narcotics and Undercover Operations.

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